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Nicolas Moreau - France

team moreau

- Full name: Nicolas Moreau

- Born: 12/02/91

- Country: France

- Home town: Tours

- Bikes: OMEN TwentyFour white

- Sponsors: OMEN Bikes

- How long have you been riding?: a little over 3 years.

- Favourite move / trick: I do not have a best trick, it depends on the time and spot, the figures in which I'm most comfortable, the Footjam taillwhip, switch nose, nose manual, 180.

- The proudest moment in trials: My first show with Mickael Dupont was one of my greatest moments, to see all those people who applaud us, there is even a child who came to us and asked us for an autograph. It gave me strength during the show and makes me want to push myself and go further.

Nicolas's photos