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Frames OMEN TwentyFour

Our first frames OMEN TwentyFour arrived at our store.

You can find a detailed description and characteristics of new frames on our website.

After extensive testing by our riders, OMEN Bikes frames will be available for purchase.

Welcome Nicolas Moreau to the OMEN Bikes team!

news moreau 1Nicolas Moreau - talented French street-trial rider joined the OMEN Bikes team, to take part in testing and development new products.
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Nicolas Moreau - interview from the Tribal Zine

news moreau - Bike Trials Website Number One Prepared a big interview with rider Nicolas Moreau, who represents the OMEN Bikes brand in France.

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Welcome Dmitry Zagovalko to the OMEN Bikes team!

news zagovalko 1We are ready to present you another member of our team. The one with a great experience who adds some "old-school" style to our team. And, of course, this collaboration will affect the development of our new components.

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trialmarkt logo added in dealer list.

OMEN Bikes products are available in Germany now.